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Overcoming tuition fee concern

Overcoming Tuition Fee Concerns

In the past few years, student mobility has skyrocketed. More than ever, students are looking for education options abroad. Still, there are lots of things that international students should consider before going to study. For example,...

Canada National Flag Studying Diversity Students Concept for Canadian Scholarships

Canadian Scholarships

Are you interested in continuing your studies? Have you considered studying abroad? If so, Canada is a popular destination for students to study abroad in. We selected many scholarships for students interested in Canadian...

US passport and pile of us dollar money concept for study abroad funding

How to Get Funding for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to learn about other cultures and expand your knowledge for a future career. Spending a semester or a full degree program in another country is costly. That’s why...

beautiful african female graduate in library on graduation day

Scholarships for Graduate School

Scholarships for undergraduate school are a dime a dozen, but scholarships for graduate school seem much harder to come by. That may be because you’re looking in the wrong places, or you don’t realize...

Study abroad text with young woman with flags of English speaking countries

How to Study Abroad for Free

Did you know that it is possible to study abroad without paying anything at all? Education is expensive, but there are steps you can take to cover those costs without any out-of-pocket commitment. In...

scholarships for studying abroad

Best Scholarships for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to learn about new cultures and experience life in another country. This is a popular choice for college students in every major, from future foreign diplomats to passionate...

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