Overcoming Tuition Fee Concerns

Overcoming tuition fee concernIn the past few years, student mobility has skyrocketed. More than ever, students are looking for education options abroad. Still, there are lots of things that international students should consider before going to study.

For example, there’s the financial side. You might also have to learn a new language. Or you may have to find solutions to academic problems. Studying abroad is sure to throw you a surprise or two.

We were curious to see the things that concern international students the most.

To answer this question, we consulted with Google and came across this in-depth report. The report surveyed 1000s of prospective international students from around the world. The goal was to find out about current trends and how they differ from the past.

The results?  The findings showed the importance of one universal issue: tuition fees.

One the one hand, tuition fees are a vital revenue source for institutions. They ensure a high standard of education, facilities, staff and resources.
On the other hand, when fees are too steep, international students may choose more affordable places. In some cases, steep fees might keep these students from studying abroad entirely.

Let’s have a look at how prospective students from different regions express this concern.

Increased concern over tuition fees by region

IDRC Research Awards. This scholarship is for students in developing countries. For those who want to apply for masters degrees in any recognized Canadian university.Across the world, tuition fees are at least 20% more of a concern to students today than they were before. Surprisingly, the region with the highest level of concern is Northern Europe.

This area has high levels of household income. The concern might come from how much these tuition fees differ from the ones in their own countries. In many of these countries, tuition is free or funded by the government.

Second behind Northern Europe is North America with a 33% increase in concern.

You might expect North American students to be accustomed to high tuition fees. Still, students from the US and Canada might be worried about getting financial aid abroad.

If you share this concern and worry that your desired university is not possible, there are options. Scholarships, loans and fellowships can help you cover your fees either in part or full.
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