About ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is your source of relief from the dreaded application process. We put students on the fast-track to success by providing direct access to the scholarships they need the most. Take the hassle out of financial aid and maximize your chance at a free ride in college. No matter how much funding you need for school, we have the opportunities you're looking for.

Fill out a single form and let us take care of the rest!

What Is ScholarshipOwl?

ScholarshipOwl is an innovative platform designed to dramatically speed up your scholarship application time. We'll match you with the award opportunities that best match your personality, grades, lifestyle, and more. Once you've narrowed down your options, we’ll take the information from your initial application and put it into the appropriate places on the scholarships of your choice.

Top 10 Reasons to Use ScholarshipOwl

Want to know why many people love ScholarshipOwl? Here are 10 reasons you can't deny:

Less Work

1 – Less Work

All you fill out is a basic template of information. We do all the rest. If you can apply for a library card, you can apply for financial aid through ScholarshipOwl.

More Money

2 – More Money

With scholarship applications this easy, you can dramatically increase the number of applications you send out. That will ultimately lead to more money opportunities to pay for college.

Spam protection

3 – Spam Protection

We provide provide news and updates regularly for your scholarships in ScholarshipOwl members section.

All updates and emails from scholarships are shown here so we can shield your personal email address and protect you from unwanted messages.

Decreased Stress

4 – Decreased Stress

We make the scholarship application process as simple as it can be. Avoid the stress of filling out application after application of information and focus on more important things in life.

Better Organization

5 – Better Organization

All your scholarship applications are stored in one place, so you can check up on them all at once. View the awards that are in review, approved, declined, or pending, all without ever leaving the computer.

Improved Security

6 – Improved Security

If you are worried about scholarship scams, you can trust that all of the scholarships on ScholarshipOwl are 100% authentic. We send all of these awards through security screenings ahead of time, so you can feel comfortable putting your information out on the web.

Similar Awards

7 – Similar Awards

Maximize your earning potential by applying for similar awards at the same time. Since we do all the work for you, you simply need to check which awards you want and let us take care of the rest.

Expert Advice

8 – Expert Advice

Get help from the scholarship consultants at ScholarshipOwl to improve your chances at getting funding for school. Our experts are here at all times to assist you.

Friendly Service

9 – Friendly Service

We take pride in helping students succeed. Every approved application is another indication that we're doing something right. This pride is reflected in our superior customer service and true dedication to our users.

Amusing Mascot

10 – Amusing Mascot

How can you say no to an adorable face like that?! Let the Scholarship Owl charm you into a slew of successful scholarship applications, and you can graduate debt free.

We do all the work for you

Our goal is to help you get the financing you're looking for, no matter what it takes. We want you to graduate debt free.

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