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Smiling adult students during break in classroom interior concept for Freebies for students

Student Freebies

There is nothing college students appreciate more than free stuff. With the sky-high cost of tuition, room and board and other expenses, every little bit helps. One of the perks of being a college...

Live for such moments as these Concept for: Study Tips For Success

Study Tips For Success [Infographic]

Under the strain of college coursework, it is common to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Some students may breeze by with little effort, but most will have to develop and implement clever...

Graduation Student Commencement University Degree Concept for benefits of going to college

The Benefits of Going to College

You may find yourself wondering whether you should go to college and if it is worth the high tuition cost and the four more years of tests and homework. Well, there are many reasons...

picture of lovely woman with piggy bank concept for College Budget

How to Budget While You’re in College

For many students, college can be among the highest spending periods in their life. Making a budget plan is incredibly helpful during your college years and beyond. It will keep your priorities in focus...

memorial church at harvard university campus (celebrities ivy league scholarshipowl)

Celebrities Who Graduated from Ivy League Schools

Smart celeb: Most Hollywood stars dedicate their time in order to achieve fame, fortune, and a successful career. Nonetheless, several well-known celebrities have also pursued their dreams of higher education. There are quite a...

two smiling teenagers with smartphones

10 Miscellaneous Apps for College Students

The advancement of modern technology has ushered in a new age of innovation and gadgetry.  With that, the development of certain mobile applications are really useful for college students not only for entertainment, but...

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