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Scholarships for Continuing College Students

There are many scholarships for first-year college students, but there are also plenty of scholarships for continuing college students. These scholarships are designed to encourage students to continue their degrees. Whether you’re on the...

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Unclaimed Scholarships From Last Year

Are there really billions of dollars floating around, not being used in the form of unclaimed scholarships?  Well…kind of. The truth, as usual, is a bit vague. While there is plenty of financial aid...

close-up of person hand using calculator with tax word on wooden blocks concept for Are Pell Grants Taxible

Are Pell Grants Taxable?

Pell Grants are financial aid from the government that you do not have to repay. As a cautious college student, you may ask, “What’s the catch?” You can’t just get something for nothing, right?...

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FAFSA vs. Pell Grant

When you start applying for financial aid, two terms will come up again and again: FAFSA and Pell Grant. Both of these can help you pay for college, but they are completely different programs....

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How to Fund Your Top 10 MBA

Written by Michelle Miller, Americas CEO – ARINGO Americas, Top 10 MBA Admissions Consulting We all know that an MBA degree doesn’t come cheap. The primary expense of an MBA program is the tuition....

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