HOPE Scholarship

HOPE Scholarship The HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based college scholarship which helps students pay for the high costs of attending college. The scholarship awards high school students in the state of Georgia who plan to pursue bachelor’s degrees. Students must pursue a degree at a HOPE eligible postsecondary institution located in Georgia.

To date, the scholarship program has funded more than $3 billion to over 900,000 students. The program is funded by lottery-ticket revenues in Georgia.

Hope Scholarship Requirements

The HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. This means that it awards students who have a strong academic background. 

There are a few ways for students to become a HOPE scholar. Students can become a HOPE scholar while still in high school or become a HOPE scholar while in college.

To get the HOPE Scholarship, students must meet the following requirements. Failing to meet one of the requirements can make you ineligible for the scholarship. It can also cause you to lose the scholarship. 

The requirements for the scholarship are as follows:

  • Be a graduate from a high school in Georgia state.
  • Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. 
  • Be a legal resident of Georgia.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout college to keep the scholarship.
  • Be enrolled in a college or university in Georgia. 
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Not owe a refund on a student financial aid program.
  • Register for selected service (male students).
  • Not have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990.
  • Meet academic rigor requirements. Students must complete a certain number of academically rigorous courses. They can find the list of eligible courses on the Academic Rigor Course List. 

How Much Does the HOPE Scholarship Cover? 

The HOPE scholarship awards students around 81% of their tuition for 15 hours. In total, it covers up to 127 credit hours. The scholarship cannot exceed the total cost of your tuition for the semester. A student has up to 7 years to receive payments for the scholarship. 

How to Apply 

HOPE Scholarship

Students who are attending a public college or university may apply for the scholarship two different ways: 

You should plan on completing the GSFAPPS even if you also complete the FAFSA. It’s good to have your application on file. 

Students must file their application before the end of the school term to receive payment for that school term. 

Keep in mind that the college you are attending may have additional requirements. You might have to fill out their financial aid form. Contact your college’s financial aid department to receive more information. 

Students planning to attend a private college or university must complete the HOPE/TEG application.

Scholarship Deadline 

Students must submit the application up until the last day of the semester in which they’re seeking the HOPE Scholarship. The Office of Student Financial Aid has determined the following deadlines for applications:

  • Summer semester: July 17 
  • Fall Semester: November 17 
  • Spring Semester: April 15

What States Have the Hope Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship awards students in Georgia with scholarship money to attend a HOPE eligible school in Georgia. For a list of eligible schools, see here

Zell Miller Scholarship

HOPE Scholarship There is a second scholarship within the HOPE scholarship called the Zell Miller Scholarship. This scholarship awards students who have a 3.7 HOPE GPA (based on core courses) and a 1200 on a single administration of the SAT or a 26 on the ACT. Scholarship winners must maintain a minimum 3.3 college cumulative GPA. Winners receive coverage for full-tuition.

Final Thoughts

The HOPE Scholarship is a great resource for students in the state of Georgia who are looking for financial relief from college. If you don’t meet the requirements there are still tons of different scholarships you can apply to!

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