What Is a Good SAT Score?

What is a Good SAT score? The SAT is a standardized test which evaluates academic ability and a student’s college readiness. Admissions committees at colleges and universities use the test when deciding whether to grant a student admission. 

Most students take the SAT during their junior year of college. They prepare for the test through a variety of methods like SAT books, tutoring, and prep programs.

Students put a lot of hard work and time into preparing and taking the SAT. It can be a huge source of stress for students, as there is a lot of pressure riding on them to do well. 

If you are starting to prepare for taking the SAT, it’s a good idea to set a goal score for yourself. Maybe you aren’t trying to get a perfect score, but you do want to do well. How do you know what is a good SAT score? Keep reading to find out. 

Sections of the SAT 

The SAT has two sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Students receive a score between 200-800 on each section. Students also receive a total of the two scores which ranges from 400 to 1600. 

What Is a Good SAT Score?

A perfect SAT score is 1600. The lowest score a student can receive is 400. 

It’s impossible to say what is a good SAT score. Of course, getting a perfect score of 1600 is going to open many doors for you. But, not every student has a goal of getting a perfect score.   

A good SAT score can look very different from one student to the next. It depends on a number of factors like the goals you set for yourself, the school you would like to attend, and your academic abilities. 

What is a Good SAT score? All students have different goals for their future. One student may dream of studying law at Harvard, while another student might dream of playing football at a big ten school. These schools are going to have different requirements of their students and therefore, different student bodies. 

If you want to know what a good SAT score is, you can look at your score in comparison to other students. The average SAT score in 2019 was 1059. If you take your score and compare it to the average, you can see whether you are above or below average. 

You can also compare your score in the percentile chart that the College Board provides. The percentile chart shows the percentage of students you scored better than. For example, if you scored a 1600, you are in the 99th percentile. That means that you performed better than 99% of test takers. If you scored a 1100, you performed better than 42% of test takers.

What Score Do You Need to Get Into a Good College?

When talking about what score you need to get into a good college, you again need to take the score in the context of the school. All schools set different requirements. This can even be true among programs of the same school. For example, a student who is applying to a theater program might not need as high of an SAT score as a student applying to a business program. 

Students also have their own definition of what is a “good” college. What is a good college for one student, may not be a good college for another. 

If you are stressed about the SAT, don’t be. SAT scores aren’t the only thing that college admissions committees consider. They take into account other factors like grades, personal statements, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities. Even students who score very high on the SAT aren’t guaranteed admission into their dream school. 

Is Your SAT Score Good Enough for Your Dream School?

There is no guarantee that your SAT score will get you into your dream school. Admissions committees take a variety of factors into consideration. But, there is a good way to get an idea of your chances of getting in. You can do this by finding out how many students in your score percentile get accepted to your dream school. This can help you determine what a good score is for that school.

Also, don’t only apply to your dream school. You should always apply to a second school, even if you have your heart set on your number 1 pick. Your safety school should be a school where your SAT score is in the 75th percentile.

Final Thoughts 

What is a Good SAT score?

While having high SAT scores can get you accepted to many colleges and universities, your SAT scores aren’t the only thing that matters. Not every school considers SAT scores in the same way. Some are more concerned with your GPA while some award other attributes. If you have a lower SAT score, but you are strong in other areas, you still have a good chance of getting accepted. Your GPA, personal essays, and letters of recommendation are all highly considered.


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