Scholarships for Left Handed People

Are you left-handed? There are so many scholarships available today specifically for left-handed students. In this guide, you'll learn more about how left-handed people are unique, eligibility requirements for left-handed scholarships (yes, they do exist!). Learn how to find those scholarships and how to apply for them!

Are you left-handed? If so, you already know that you’re pretty unique and somewhat rare. Being left-handed is much more than using your left hand well. There are unique characteristics of lefties. Some people even claim that left-handed people are more successful than their right-handed counterparts.

When you’re beginning your scholarship search, it’s important to think about the characteristics that make you unique. These include your background, hobbies and skills, interests in school and even the fact that you’re left-handed! Believe it or not, there are scholarships out there that you could win, just because you’re a lefty.

This is because certain scholarships are given for uniqueness as opposed to merit (your grades) or need (or financial situation). Certain companies and organizations want to support students that have unique characteristics or traits. Don’t miss out on these special opportunities if they are relevant to you!

In this guide, we will discuss the different aspects of being left-handed. We’ll also look at successful left-handed people and how to use your left-handedness to get scholarships. Happy reading!

The Life of a Lefty

To the average righty, being a lefty may not seem like a big deal. Your dominant hand doesn’t usually seem important or of any significance.

All left handed people know that this is simply not true. People that are left-handed are only about 10% of the population. We live in a right-handed world. Most appliances and devices are made for right-handed people. Sports often require special equipment for lefties and writing in notebooks or a binder can also be difficult.

Being a lefty can actually be quite frustrating. A left-handed person needs to use special scissors and every lefty knows how annoying it is to wipe ink across a piece of paper after writing. Even think about the zipper on your jeans. It is meant for right-handed people! Left-handed people have to maneuver their hand around the little flap in order to close the zipper correctly.

If you play an instrument such as the guitar, you know that a regular one won’t work if you’re a lefty. Cup holders in the car are typically on the right side and even some doorknobs are meant to be turned by righties!

All of these things seem obvious to a right-handed person. But for a lefty, life can be quite tricky and often frustrating.


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What Makes a Person Left Handed?

Many theories have surfaced throughout the years about why some people are left-handed. Some believe it has to do with the brain, while others say that mothers who are stressed during pregnancy create left-handed children.

Today’s research claims that being right or left handed is related to the spinal cord. Your hand preference is already clear inside the womb. From week 13 of pregnancy, babies can be seen sucking on one of their thumbs. The spinal cord theory cancels the previous theory that left or right handedness had to do with different sides of the brain.

Researchers have also tried to understand why only 10% of people are lefties. The leading theory has to do with evolution. Because we are social creatures, cooperation is very important for a successful society. This has caused most people to be right-handed (easier cooperation with one another).

The truth is, the real reasons for left-handedness are still unknown.

Famous Left-Handed People

Did you know that six out of the 13 US Presidents since WW2 have been left-handed? This includes Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush. Some people say that lefties have better communication skills which helped these men become president.

Other famous lefties include Angelina Jolie, Prince William, Lady Gaga and Jerry Seinfeld. Check out more well-known left handed people like you here.

Attributes of Left-Handed People

You may have heard that left handed people are more creative and therefore better artists. This is actually a myth! Research has shown that lefties are no more creative or better artists than their right-handed friends.

Left-handedness is more common in twins. Twice as common in fact. Approximately 21% of twins are left-handed. Being a lefty may also cause you to think differently. Studies have seen that left-handed people automatically think that things on the left side are better. This affects voting, watching debates on TV and many other things.

Left-handedness may make you be a worse student in school. This isn’t yet a proven fact, but some research has shown that lefties struggle more in school. Being left-handed has also been linked to mental health problems and sleep issues.

If you’re an athlete, you’re in luck. Being left-handed is an advantage in many sports such as baseball or boxing. Lefties are used to dealing with righties, but not the opposite. When a righty faces a lefty in a sports competition, they are at a real disadvantage.


Scholarships for Left-Handed People

As we’ve discussed, being left-handed is pretty unique. Not only are you only 10% of the population, but you also have some unique characteristics. It’s important to use this to your advantage when applying to college and looking for scholarships!

Eligibility for Scholarships

Each scholarship that you find and apply for will have different eligibility requirements. Some have GPA requirements. Others require volunteer experience, specific ethnic or racial backgrounds, certain interests and more. If you are applying for a scholarship for unique qualities, being left-handed certainly fits into this description!

Applying to Left Handed Scholarships

As with any scholarship, it is important to make sure that you submit the absolute best application possible. This means being organized, making sure you’ve collected everything you need and submitting on time.

Each scholarship has different application requirements. Many require that you write an essay. The essay is a very important part of your application. Make sure to take your time on it and have a few people read it over to check for mistakes and inconsistencies. Consider talking about being left-handed in your essay and its effect on your life!

Make sure to look for scholarships that aren’t only specifically for left-handed people. These include scholarships for people with unique qualities or specific backgrounds or interests. You can use your left-handedness as an additional point about why you’re special and deserve the scholarship.

Organizations That Support Left Handed People

Did you know that there is an International Left-Handers Day? It was launched in 1976 by Lefthanders International Inc. What is so special about left-handers day? It’s a day just for this special group of people! There have been instances of big companies joining in for the day. They make special products specifically for left-handed people to celebrate.

A few organizations exist specifically to support left-handed people.

The Left-Handers Club offers information and resources through its newsletter. This includes research on this group, surveys, information about being left-handed and more.

The Association of Left-Handers is another great resource for finding information about being a lefty. The goal of the association is to deal with myths surrounding being left handed. They do this through education and raising awareness of the unique position of the left-handed community.

National Association of Left-Handed Golfers. Sports are a challenge, and often an advantage for lefties. NALF offers resources and information for lefties who play golf. If you’re into the sport, make sure to check out their website.


Scholarships for Left-Handed Students

There are some scholarships available today specifically for left-handed students. If your school provides such a scholarship, make sure to apply for it.

Even if not, being a lefty makes you unique. Presenting this information when applying for scholarships, particularly challenges you’ve faced could make you a more attractive candidate.

Closing Thoughts

As we’ve discussed in this guide, being left-handed makes you particularly unique. You are part of a group of only 10% of the people in the United States.

While being left-handed may be frustrating at times, try to look at it as an advantage in life. When applying for college and scholarships, stress your left-handedness and how it has helped you and made you unique. This can help you stand out among the large numbers of applicants.

Don’t forget that many successful people in this world are lefties. Maybe you will be one of them or even President of the USA! Good luck!



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