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"You Deserve It!"
$1,000 Scholarship Winners

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Maria R.

When I was in High School I received a scholarship hand out that listed all of websites that provided us with opportunities. Scholarship owl was one of the websites so I decided to give it a try and found the “You deserve it scholarship.” As a Latino student helping my parents with my payments for college is important. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition to be able to graduate with my degree in Bilingual Education within the next year.

Daniel V.

My name is Daniel and I live in San Antonio, TX. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I found ScholarshipOwl by simply searching for scholarships and decided to give it a shot, and I’m very glad I did. Winning this “You Deserve It” scholarship is going to keep me away from student loans and to further my education through funding my tuition. I really am happy for this opportunity, thanks ScholarshipOwl!

Sheuriah R.

I'm very excited about winning 1,000 dollars from “ You Deserve It Scholarship”. Winning this money mean alot to me and it will help me pay for college. My counselor in highschool always encouraged students to apply for scholarships. I never knew applying for a scholarship was so easy. I never believed that scholarship was real on the internet , but I gave it a try. I searched the internet for scholarships and the third site was “ You Deserve It” which really caught my eye. I applied and the following week I got a call giving me following instructions. I really appreciate this scholarship. I will work very hard in the future to be successful as Sheuriah Ringwood the Nurse Practitioner !

Jacoby G.

Thank you so much for the "You Deserve It" scholarship! As a Landscape Architect student, I spend just as many hours in classes as I do working in the studio. To pay for my out of state tuition, I have to work a part time job and there are many weeks that I have to pull all nighters to keep up my school work while working job shifts. My record is 88 hours of no sleep so this scholarship will really help me get some more sleep in while keeping my school work done. I am so grateful for you ScholarshipOwl!!

Leon K.

My name is Leon K. and I will be attempting to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. ScholarshipOwl is helping me greatly by providing me with this opportunity to pay for college and is providing me with great assistance in not having to take out student loans. I am planning to use this money to invest in my future and accomplish all my goals. Thank you ScholorshipOwl, I really appreciate it!

Nashira T.

Hi my name is Nashira in the fall I plan on attending a four college or a nursing university and thanks to ScholarshipOwl I'm a step closer to saving up enough money to get there.

Olivia M.

I am very excited that I was blessed with this scholarship from ScholarshipOwl! I will be using this scholarship to help my education at the University of Alabama studying science and mathematics. Thanks to you, I will be able to pursue my lifelong dreams of becoming a successful neurosurgeon.

Sasha R.

Like any college student trying to get into their dream school that is miles away, I spent countless hours working on scholarships and I stumbled upon ScholarshipOwl and decided to apply to the "You Deserve It" scholarship to see if I could get lucky. I was completely ecstatic when I was told that I won and it gave me more confidence to pursue my dream as a female movie director. With a win like this, I will be able to stay in Savannah College of Art and Design and take as many film classes as I can in order to break the barrier and get more women in the film industry. Thank you so much ScholarshipOwl!

Ashley C.

My name is Ashley and I will be attending UT Chattanooga in the Fall of 2017. I am very grateful for the money that is being provided for me to fullfil my dreams of attending this school.

Jordan F.

Do not ever give up on pursuing scholarships that can help boost your education! Be industrious, put forth your best effort, and see how life will surprise you in wondrous ways.

Eshe B.

Excited to have won this scholarship, I've never won a scholarship before which is absolutely amazing. It gives me more motivation to keep applying since I always thought that maybe I'd never win anything. Aside of my newfound luck, thanks so much scholarship owl!

Martina F.

I am very grateful for the $1000 award. It will be very helpful in the next year to cover some important college expenses.

Kehinde B.

Thanks Scholarship owl, I am eternally grateful for this money. I will use it wisely.

Tailer F.

My name is Tailer F. and I am from salt lake city, Utah. I will be attending the University of Utah, studying Pre-Medicine. I am so blessed and thankful to have received this scholarship. I am ready to get a start on my career, and with your help it has become a little less stressful. Thank you!!!

Ashley P.

My name is Ashley P., I graduated from Bulkeley High School and I will be attending the University Of Connecticut. Scholarship Owl has offered me an amazing opportunity with this scholarship. Thank you very much for making the application process easy and efficient!


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