Bonus Scholarship Opportunity

Now, we are going a step further. Any scholarship that a student applies for and is awarded through ScholarshipOwl’s proprietary platform, is eligible for a bonus.

How Does It Work?

celebration and lifestyle concept -beautiful woman with colorful balloons in the cityStep 1

Find your desired scholarship.

To create an account, sign up at

Step 2

Submit your application through our online management platform.

Step 3

Tell us how much scholarship money you won.

Step 4

We will match the value of that scholarship up to $1,000 per winner*.

Winning a scholarship is great. Getting an instantaneous bonus to that scholarship is awesome! The bonus scholarship promotion has been extended so be sure to inform us of your scholarship wins by the deadline.

Bonus Scholarship Winners

Students are already winning bonus scholarships. Start applying today and you could be the next bonus scholarship winner!

* T&C apply.