Apply for Scholarships Anytime, Anywhere logoApply.Me – Your way to discover Scholarships is an easy-to-use application that is designed to help students find scholarship opportunities and ease their scholarship application process.

This app’s user-friendly design makes setting up a profile really easy. You can register directly or connect via your Facebook profile.

Once you create a profile, you can find scholarships with a simple swipe of a finger. Yes, it’s that simple! Much like popular dating apps, you swipe right to pick scholarships you’re interested in or swipe left to skip scholarships you’re not interested in.

You matches guide displays the most important info about your scholarship, including the deadline to apply, the monetary value of the award, whether or not an essay is required, etc. You can even type your essay on the go within the app.

Use the app to manage all your scholarship matches and apply for them via your mobile device. This is your opportunity to save time and stay connected, all while having a fun swiping. is FREE to download but there are more add-ons.  To get the app, visit or download it: App Store | Google Play

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