Get College Scholarships Without Having to Write an Essay

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Scholarships provide students with access to affordable education. These are financial gifts awarded to students based on academic and individual achievements. This free money can go towards a person’s school tuition, textbooks, and other college fees. However, some students find the essay of the application process cumbersome and discouraging.

As you search for scholarship opportunities, you will find that many programs will ask you to submit an essay. This essay is a way for sponsors of scholarships to get to know more about you and your motivations. Writing these essays take a lot of time. So keep in mind that there are alternative scholarship applications that are essay-free.An artist drawing something on graphic tablet (visual art)

For example, some programs will request a video essay instead of a written one. Others may ask for a creative presentation instead of a traditional written essay. Portfolios, or past related work, are another format companies might request.

Scholarships That Do Not Require an Essay

Scholarships are very useful when it comes to paying for your education. There are many organizations that support and fund scholarships with essay alternative applications.

1. Learn Between the Lines Scholarship Slam

What is something that poetry has taught you? Power Poetry is giving students a chance win $1,000 after submitting a haiku responding to this question. This is a sweepstakes scholarship, and the winner is chosen at random.

2. Student Transportation Video Contest

This video contest is open to all students and sponsored by the ARTBA Foundation. The scholarship program conducts annual video contests to promote the transportation industry. To enter, applicants must submit a video depicting transportation impacts, trends or safety in the United States. There will be up to 4 winners of the contest, each receiving $500. To learn more about how to register, click here.

3. Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship

This scholarship focuses on healthy driving habits. Applicants will submit a 40-character statement honoring their pledge to never text and drive. The program awards the winners with $1,000.

4. U.S. Bank Financial Genius Scholarship

The U.S Bank scholarship program offers students the chance to win $20,000. Five winners will be selected in a random drawing. Learn how to register and win here.

5. Sussle Scholarship

This “visual encyclopedia” encourages college applicants to engage on social media. Students vote for the best images and videos, and the winner receives $500. Learn more here.

Need Help Finding Scholarships?

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