Computer Jobs – For the Future

Gray Laptop Computer Showing Html CodesThe study of computer science has many branches, including artificial intelligence, software engineering, programming and computer graphics. As technology continues to advance, computer science as has become more integrated into our day-to-day lives. Laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’re reading this blog on a device created using the expertise, theories and skills gained from computer science degrees. If you want to study computer science, read some of the career outlooks below.

Outlook Looks Good for Science Grads

Don’t believe the skeptics! As a Computer Science Student, technological change or obsolescence will not prevent you from landing a great job when you graduate. Google and other prestigious tech firms continue to welcome new recruits with great ideas – they only expect you to adapt to their corporate culture. Nor is it just the big guys that are keeping tab of the job market. Take the 2015 US survey below, for example. Demand for computer science employees exceeded the supply of new graduates by almost ten times:

You Have Options

If you graduate with a Computer Science degree, it will expand your choices for finding long-term, progressive employment. Below is a table of jobs that are suitable for a Computer Science Graduate.

Computer Science Related Jobs

You Can Make More Money

Computer Science (CS) graduates in 2015 commanded the highest average starting salary of $66,000 per year. Moreover, 32% of CS grads earned at least $75K and 13% even exceeded $100K. CS Majors appreciate their value as they continue to be in demand. Practically speaking, this means that even entry level salary is negotiable in favor of the applicant, unlike in the past when starting salaries were capped.

Even Non-CS Majors Can Benefit

Not every graduate student will finish his studies as a Computer Science Major. But everybody can benefit from taking one or more computer science courses (credits) towards the fulfillment of their respective degrees. Expectations for any position whether it be business, medical, mechanical, service or market oriented will demand a minimum level of technical understanding. In particular, train yourself to work with end-user software, on-line applications and the like. Virtually every business activity is dependent on computer technology.

Starting from the Bottom is Good Too

Notwithstanding the above, there is nothing wrong with taking a “Stepping-Stone” approach to career planning, by starting out, for example as a Network User Support and the like. In this manner, you can develop fundamentals such as communication and problem-solving skills, moving forward. These fundamentals will become critical down the road for a successful future in IT.