10 Commandments for Successful and Effective Studying

male student with laptop studying in the university libraryThe key to achieving good grades in college is a student’s ability to study effectively. Yet, college life can be very hectic and it can be difficult to find enough time to be able to concentrate and study successfully. Thankfully, there are countless strategies for learning more effectively and ultimately, improve your academic success. So, if you’ve ever been bored and frustrated while trying to study, follow these 10 tips.

Study At the Same Times Each Day

renewable scholarships graduation cap 01Create a regular routine by setting aside a specific amount of time each day for studying. This consistency will become part of your daily routine and you will be more mentally and emotionally prepared for each study session.

Attend Class

renewable scholarships graduation cap 02This may sound obvious, but you need to actually show up to class. Avoid skipping for reasons such as sleeping in or going to another event. If you are sick and cannot make it, ask a classmates for notes. You (or your parents) are spending an enormous amount of money or your education, so make sure you get your money’s worth.

Sit Up Front

renewable scholarships graduation cap 03The moment you walk into the classroom, choose a seat in the front row, close to the lecturer. Making a deliberate effort to be present will help your focus, attention, and energy levels.

Ask Questions

renewable scholarships graduation cap 04Your professors want you help you, so you should definitely approach them with your questions. Take advantage of their office hours and speak up if you have trouble understanding the material in class.

Use Technology Wisely

renewable scholarships graduation cap 05Laptops and smartphones make note taking a faster and more organized process. However, they can also distract you and bring your grade down if you don’t use them in a smart way. Avoid sending emails, browsing the web, and checking Facebook during class time. Instead, use your technology to your benefit and download study apps to help improve your productivity.

Take Care of Your Body

renewable scholarships graduation cap 06If you want to maintain a healthy mind, you must also maintain a healthy body. Exercise regularly and eat right. While vitamins and herbs may help your concentration and alertness in the short-term, they are not a substitute for regular meals. Getting enough sleep is also very important. When you properly rest, you strengthen your brain and learn better too.

Do Not Cram

renewable scholarships graduation cap 07Avoid staying up late at night for last-minute cramming sessions. You will expend more energy trying to keep your eyelids open than actually studying. Instead, study regularly throughout the semester for as many classes as you can.

Review Your Notes

renewable scholarships graduation cap 08Take notes in class and review and edit them immediately after, while the material if still fresh in your mind. Before you start any assignment or project, review your notes thoroughly to help you remember important material you learned and to make sure you understand how to go about completing the assignment correctly.

Start With the Difficult Subject First

renewable scholarships graduation cap 09Always start your homework with the most difficult subject first, since it required the most effort and mental energy. From there, it will be much easier to complete the rest of your assignments. Most importantly, do not procrastinate and push off your assignments as this will ultimately lead to rushed and error-filled work.

Avoid Distractions

renewable scholarships graduation cap 10Before you start studying, find a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. This means you should not study in your dorm room and home, since they are both social environments. Instead, head to the library or a quiet spot on campus where your friends won’t come and start chatting with you.