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ScholarshipOwl is here to make applying for scholarships easier. Register for hundreds of scholarships with just one application, and manage all your applications in one convenient location. Our promise to you is to provide superior scholarship opportunities without redundant form filing.

We take the hassle out of applying for scholarships!

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Our one-form application process eliminates the stress of scholarship applications. Save time and maximize your award opportunities by letting us do all the work for you. A quick glance at what we do

We Are Committed to Your Success

At ScholarshipOwl, we have one goal in mind: helping hard-working students get the financial aid they deserve. We are truly committed to your success. Here are just some of the awesome services we offer to put you on the fast track to a debt-free degree:

Read Stories from Past Winners

Learn how to compare costs, admissions requirements, degree options, and more to pick the right school for you.

Save Time on Applications

Why should you waste hours a day filling out the same information on every scholarship application? With ScholarshipOwl, you complete one form, one time, and we take care of everything else. We will only ask for more information if the scholarship has a specific essay or prompt you need to address. In most cases though, we'll already have that covered!

Manage All Your Scholarships in One Place

Our convenient scholarship management tools make it easy to keep track of your financial aid. See how much money you've earned, watch for upcoming scholarship deadlines, see new award options, and keep track of existing applications through your ScholarshipOwl account.

Attend Special Webinars from Industry Experts

As part of our education center, we offer scholarship webinars you can attend for extra information. We also offer webinars on career planning, college selection, and more to improve your overall experience in college. If you are not able to attend the webinars live, we have additional video resources that you can review any time.

Learn What Scholarship Committees Really Expect

We have a direct relationship with some of the scholarship providers in our database. That means that we have insight into the exact qualities they want to see out of their applicants. We do our best to pass this vital information onto you so you can make your essays and applications as a whole appealing to your awarders.

Get Essay Writing Advice for Outstanding Applications

The best way to impress a scholarship committee is to blow them away with a killer essay. We have a vast assortment of essay writing tools, tips, and tutorials that you can use to make your application stand out in the pile. You can also take advantage of our editing services and personal essay coaching to ensure your apps reflect your true talents.

Communicate through a Dedicated Application Inbox

You won't have to worry about spam and promotional mail flooding your personal inbox. We offer a dedicated application inbox for scholarships, with advanced filtering to keep the junk out of sight. Use this inbox to communicate with scholarship committees and work with our knowledgeable advisors to boost your applications across the board.

Automatically Apply to Recurring Scholarships

When scholarships come up more than once during your active membership, we can automatically send out your information after the renewal. That means that you won't have to monitor the deadlines and watch for the scholarship to come up again. We take care of that for you. Just because you don't win the first time doesn't mean you won't win at all.

Birds of a Feather…Win Together!

Sign up for ScholarshipOwl and see just how easy scholarship applications can really be. We have the tools, advice, and expertise you need to find financial aid for college. We are committed to helping every college student get access to free support for their degrees. Graduate debt-free with a little help from an adorable little owl.