Scholarship Help for International Students

International students studying in America can take advantage of a wide range of scholarships to pay for their degrees. Whether you plan to earn your degree in the US or just study here for a semester, you can earn free money for college to avoid getting into debt. The tips and resources below will help you find and apply for scholarships as an international college student.

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Scholarship Tips for International Students

Here is some quick advice to help you pay for college as an
international college student in America.

Participate in Work Study Programs

Work-study programs can help you pay for college and get direct insight into your future career. Some international students are able to earn free housing and food cards through their college's work study programs. Learn about the job you want to pursue and get the aid you need to cover your expenses as you complete your degree in America.

Edit Your Essays with a Native English Speaker

If English is not your first language, you may ask a native English speaker to read over your scholarship application essays. Professors, counselors, and peers may work with you to make your essays compelling and error-free. You can also take advantage of our scholarship editing services to get advanced help writing your essays.

Maintain Good Grades in School

Whether you already live in the US or you plan in the future, getting good grades will significantly improve your chances of winning scholarships and grants. Maintain a high grade point average in high school and college so you can wow the scholarship committee with your achievements.

Sign Up for Community Service Opportunities

Being an active member of the community will make your scholarship applications look even better. Scholarship committees love to see applicants who are making a difference in the world. Volunteer with a local organization to teach a foreign language, clean up the city, educate young people, work with the elderly, or do anything else that improves someone else's life. You'll feel great for helping others, and you'll have something new to add to your scholarship applications!

Always Look for More Scholarships

You can never have too many scholarships as an international college student. Apply for as many awards as possible so you can graduate debt-free. We get new scholarships every single month here at ScholarshipOwl, and we'll notify you when a new award comes in that you qualify for. Sign up today to discover all the amazing award options available to you!

Online Resources for International Students

Here are some awesome resources about international scholarship applications from around the web. Learn from professors, colleges, and successful international students who have earned money to pay for their education.

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